What's the Deal?



GetOutTheMap.net.   What is it?


To give you a quick overview, GetOutTheMap is a travel photography Web site, with photographs, advice, stories and a few T-shirts and other things thrown in for fun.  It’s a place where people can learn from one another and get ideas on how to take better pictures on their next excursion.  And now, onto the questions!




The photographs on the Web site are beautiful!  How can I buy some?

To purchase any merchandise, please visit the store by following the links or clicking here.


How can I sell my photos on GetOutTheMap.net?

Sorry, only our staff can submit photos or merchandise for sale on our web site. 


How often is the site updated?

The site is updated as often as neccesary.  Sometimes we can do it several times in a month, other times less often.  We need to take time from the Web site to travel so we can bring you more photographs, stories and travel tips.

For whom is this site intended?

Get Out the Map is for people who want to take pictures when they travel, regardless of their level of skill or experience. We're not trying to make everyone into great photographers, but we believe that there are a lot of simple concepts, ideas, tips and attitudes that can help everyone.

More detailed information is available here.


Can I buy pictures from your site that aren’t in the store?

Send us a description of the image and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate your request.


Is GetOutTheMap.net a substitute for photography classes?

No.  GetOutTheMap.net is a good place to learn, but if you want to improve your photography skills, go take proper photography classes.


How do I advertise on GetOutTheMap.net?

Is your advertisement relevant to our site?  Does it talk about travel services, photography, travel and/or photographic gear?  If so, you’re on the right track.


Contact us via the Contact page with more information.


How much does it cost to advertise on GetOutTheMap.net?

Cost of advertising depends on the size of the ad, on which page it will be displayed, as well as how long the ad will run.  Visit our Contact page and submit your information and we will E-mail you a price sheet.


You're American and  there are pictures on your site from Cuba.  Isn't it illegal for Americans to visit Cuba?
Due to the Cuban Embargo set forth by the United States government, it is illegal for US Citizens to visit Cuba.


When I went to Cuba in 2000, it was under special circumstances through a Study Abroad program set forth by my university and approved by the United States Department of the Treasury and US State Department.


Since that time, more restrictions exist.  GetOutTheMap.net STRONGLY DISCOURAGES unauthorized travel to any place on Earth that is forbidden by your government, regardless of how tempting.


For more information, please contact the US State Department at www.state.gov.


Who is responsible for this? (GOTM Bio)

Get Out The Map is the brainchild of Bill Schofield, a guy who loves traveling, taking pictures and writing enough to start a Web site about it.  Contact Bill here.


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