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Why I Love the Super Bowl

02 Feb 2009

Look, not every one of these blogs is going to be relevant to travel and/or photography and it would be disengenuous to try to draw connections where there are none, so just go with it.

On to the Big Game.

Why the Big Game, you ask?  Because, according to Wikipedia, “The NFL is vigilant on stopping what it says is unauthorized commercial use of its trademarked terms "NFL," "Super Bowl," or "Super Sunday"; as a result, many events and promotions timed to the game but not sanctioned by the NFL are forced to refer to it with colloquialisms such as "The Big Game," or other generic descriptions.

The NFL claims that the use of the phrase "Super Bowl" implies an NFL affiliation, and on this basis the league asserts broad rights to restrict how the game may be shown publicly; for example, the league says Super Bowl showings are prohibited in churches or at other events that "promote a message"; and venues that do not regularly show sporting events cannot show the Super Bowl on any television screen larger than 55 inches. Some critics say the NFL is exaggerating its ownership rights by stating that "any use is prohibited", as this contradicts the broad doctrine of fair use in the United States.”

But I’m going to take my chances abd just call it the Super Bowl because:
1) That’s what it is and
2) This is a blog entry, not “commercial use.”

As I said, on with it.

I love the Super Bowl because it gives Americans an excuse to eat too much, drink too much AND watch television.  Not that we Americans need an excuse to do those first two things (See Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s Day, the New ThanXmas™ article, etcetera) or the third thing.  But this is a socially acceptable reason to do all three things at the same time.

This is also one of the few times during the year – if not the only – when you’ll hear someone say, “Quiet!  The commercials are on!”

Let’s look at it a different way.  Imagine you came to work and saw a co-worker looking hung over and disheveled.
“What happened?” you may ask out of equal parts concern and curiosity.
"You know – Tuesday night.”

You may admonish that person for being a lazy, drunken, gluttunous layabout – on a Tuesday night and rue the fact that this is actually your boss.  But when that scenario plays out in offices and work places all over America the day after the Super Bowl, not only do we tolerate it, we expect it.
I once heard a statistic that more people call out sick after the Super Bowl than after New Year’s Eve.  Shocking though this may seem, it makes perfect sense; most of America has 01 January – New Year’s Day – off from work, as it is a federal holiday.

It’s kind of like the allegation that more people vote for American Idol than in a US presidental election.  Of course they do!  To vote for the president, you have to be at least 18 years old, not a convicted felon, a registered voter, a legal US citizen, take off work, go to your polling place, wait in line and cast ONE vote.

To vote on American Idol, all you need is a telephone or computer and you can vote as many times as you like.

The Super Bowl – remember, we were talking about that about five minutes ago? – is interesting to me, not only because it is the epitome of excess, sloth, violence and commercialism, but because it’s a celebration of those things.  If we could squeeze in nudity, monster trucks, rock n’ roll, explosions and talking about how great America is, we would.
Hang on, I think that’s the halftime show.

But here’s the thing – though it may sound like I hate the Super Bowl, I don’t.  I love it.  It’s fun.  I like having an excuse to eat, drink, watch sports and funny commercials, too, but in moderation.  Once a year is fine and the Super Bowl is fun to me because it’s all the fun we know how to have rolled in to one day.  And that includes than the 4th of July, because we spend most of the day outside.

Part of what makes the Super Bowl fun are the people who come together to celebrate the game not because of it, but in spite of it.  Think back and remember a Super Bowl party you went to – if you can – and think of all the people who didn’t even watch the game.  There are always a few people at every Super Bowl party who spend their time chatting, snacking and catching up with one another.  Some of them are so uninterested in the game they don’t know who is playing. 

To a lot of people, the Super Bowl is less about football and more about a party.  And Super Bowl Sunday is America’s most recognized unofficial holiday.  Because if there’s one thing America does well, it’s make up holidays.  Like, for example, New ThanXmas™.  This will catch on, I promise.

I realize I’m just stating the obvious, but I have to be honest; I don’t have an ending – and therefore a point – to this blog.  When I started writing it made sense, but that was a few days ago and I was distracted by some urgent matter, so I didn’t finish writing and to be honest, I’d be surprised if you’re still readin – No, wait!  I thought of a point!  Actually, I made the point earlier, but to close out the post, I’ll make it again.

The post is called “Why I Love the Super Bowl” and while I touched on it in earlier, “I like having an excuse to eat, drink, watch sports and funny commercials, too,” it bears repeating, just to close out the blog.  Why do I love the Super Bowl?  That’s why.

That was a close one.  Another blog coming tomorrow!  I bet you can’t wait.

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