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04 Feb 2009

Today’s blog will, unfortunately, be short.  So short, in fact, that this is it.  I know I said I would post every day with something new, so this qualifies, but I was busy today with a number of things, one of which was taking pictures for an upcoming blog before I bring my camera sent out for cleaning.

Sorry this is so short, but rather than wait and give you a lame excuse tomorrow, I’d rather just give you a lame excuse tonight.

I would love to tell you this is the last post like this you will see, but we all know better than that.  I have some things planned and I’ve started some writing, but there will still be more posts with little or nothing to share.

If there is something I can share, it’s this:
- Take all your essential pictures BEFORE sending your camera in for cleaning.

- Never, ever, ever EVER touch the sensor on your camera, unless you have been trained to do so.  This was advice passed on to me from a professional, not something I learned from experience.

- Plan your writing well or else you’ll be posting crap like this.

More tomorrow!

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