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Take Your Own Pictures!

06 Feb 2009

As a travel photographer, Iíve become accostomed to the idea that people exoect me to take pictures on trips.  Iím fine with it because Iím a decent photographer and I enjpy taking pictures.

What Iím not fine with is the idea of being the only photographer, especially when the people Iím traveling with have cameras with them.

This bothers me and it should bother you, too.

Donít get me wrong, I donít mind taking all the pictures when Iím on an assignment or doing a job, but when Iím traveling with friends and/or family and they donít bother taking pictures because they expect me to do it all, thatís when I take umbrage.

This is why it bothers me when my traveling partner donít take pictures.

1) Iím expected ro take all the pictures all the time, even of things I donít see or werenít present for. ďOh I wish you had taken a pictures of this/that/some person.Ē  You have your own camera, take your own picture.

2) Iím often called away from what Iím doing to photograph something that the person who called me could have photographed themselves.

3) Iím solely responsible for making an protecting all the photographic memories form the trip.

4) Iím expected to distribute all my images to my travel partners, even images I want to sell and therefore protect from distribution.

5) Iím not in any candid pictures from the trip.

I know it makes me sound selfish and cranky, but let me present another point of view:

Why You Should Take Your Own Pictures
(and encourage your travel partners to do so, too)

1) If you want a picture of something, you have it.  You donít need to count on anyone to take that picture for you, then track them down and try to get it.

2) You donít have to bother anyone else when you see something you want to photograph.  That person may be busy and you might miss the shot.  If you see it and like it, you can snap it and get on with your day.

3) You and your friends will have varied and different photographs from different angles, lighting and view points, which will result in a more complete representation of the trip.

4) You can keep, send, post and share the pictures you want and not have to rely on someone else.  On the same token, your travel partners can do the same and you wonít be solely responsible for getting pictures to other people because no one else took pictures but you.

 NOTE:  If you promise someone pictures, send them as soon as you can.  With digital  technology at this stage, there is no reason not to send along photos to people when you  promise you will do so.

5) You and your friends will enjoy fun, candid pictures of each other and youíll probably end up with a few neat pictures of yourself from the trip.
In short, everyone taking pictures benefits all those who cooperated and participated.  Not only because of the most obvious reason Ė one person might photograph something another might not see and vice versa Ė but also because, when you come home, you will have a more thorough photographic record of the trip.

Itís also better for everyone because youíll have more variety in the images when you get together and compare, but also because youíll see your images improve as you travel more, practice and learn.

So get out there, take your own pictures, learn and have fun with it.  You may be surprised by the pictures you take.

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