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14 Jul 2008

Thank you for visiting Get Out the Map.  Hopefully you'll find a more detailed overview of the purpose of the site than on the What's the Deal page.

Get Out the Map was started with a couple objectives.

First, to display and sell the work I have accumulated from my travels across the world.
Second, to help other people who want to take better pictures when they travel, regardless of their level of skill or experience in either photography or travel. I’m not trying to make everyone into great photographers, but I believe that there are a lot of simple concepts, ideas, tips and attitudes that can help everyone.
The way I give advice on travel and photography is through articles.  The articles are as well researched and thorough as I can make them (some maybe too much so), to provide readers with the most complete information.

Another way Get Out the Map is going to be great is through the advice of our readers.  

While I try to do the most comprehensive research I can to write a complete article, there are still things that are going to be missed.  That’s why at the bottom of each article there is a note that says:

 “Thank you for reading.  If you have something to add to this article, please click here to go to the Contact page and select “Contributing to an article” from the drop down menu.  Please enter the article title in the message field so your addition goes to the correct article.  Thank you for your contribution!”

We want to create a community that gives advice to one another, where we can learn from each other so there is a better travel/photography experience for each visitor.

As the site grows and people contribute more, Get Out the Map can become a prime resource in this field, improving travel and photography for each visitor.

Thank you for visiting.  Let me know what you like, what you don’t like, what’s missing, what can be improved and anything else that comes to mind.

Thank you,

Bill Schofield
Get Out the Map