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Bug? Dont need it.

15 Feb 2009

Greetings, all.  I know I said at the beginning of the month I would post every day for the month of February.  I also used the word “sharf” on 12 February, which should let you know how I was feeling the past few days.

I beg your forgiveness, loyal readers.  I was literally too ill to write a blog.  I was actually too ill to do much more than eat rice with chicken broth, drink Gatorade and sleep for two days.

Luckily, I never did sharf.

I had a bug, which I was afraid was the flu, but I’m feeling much better today.  If all goes well, will resume the regularly-scheduled blogging.  I really hate to take a sick day from this project, but I don’t even get sick days from the job that pays me, so I’ll guess I’ll just count it as luck that I was sick on the weekend.  Good times!

More and better blogs to come, again, if all goes well. 

Thanks for reading!

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