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17 Feb 2009

Tonight Iím going to write a stream-of-consciousness blog; whatever comes to mind, thatís what is going on the page.  I will check spelling and punctuation.

In no particular order, hereís what is on my mind:

- I need to travel more.  I love traveling and I have done a lot of it during the course of my life, but taking time Ė and money Ė off to put this Web site together has been more difficult than I originally anticipated.  Not that the work is overly demanding, but that staying put is.  I try to keep myself busy with local things, but itís not the same as planning a route, organizing the time, getting the gear together, doing the research, setting the itinerary, booking the rooms and heading out into the world.  Really, why should I see some local sight today when I can see it next week?  Besides, itís a little chilly out and my favorite Simpsons is on.  Never mind I have it on DVD.

- Does it bother you when people say ďValentiMes?Ē  Because it bugs the hell out of me.  Thereís no M in Valentines! Come ON!

- Do you know how difficult and time consuming it is to think of, organize and write interesting blogs for an entire month?  I do.  Itís not a lot of fun, but it is challenging; so much so I may do it again this year.  Weíll see.

- Do you watch LOST?  If not, why the hell not?  Itís a great show!  If so, does it bother you that, from day one, not ONE PERSON who survived the crash took a picture of anything?  I look at the show and think if I were one of those people, I would have taken a few pictures.

- The weather in Georgia this time of year (March to February) is strange.  Itís beautiful one day, freezing the next.  I know it sounds like a complaint, but I miss snow.  If you read some of my other blogs, you would know why.

- The things I have planned for this Web site are really, really cool.  At least, I think so.  My goal is enact all of them before the end of 2009.  By then, Iíll have some cool plans for 2010.

- Iím looking forward to the economy improving because we can start traveling again.  I donít mean just the people I know, but people who are on the fence are probably staying home.  Itís not that travel has come to a standstill, but itís always more fun to hit the road and see a few fellow travelers.

- Does this stream of consciousness blog seem like a cheap way to get out of writing a real blog?  Because it kind of is.  Look at it a different way, though.  Think of it as a bunch of short, to the point statements rather than blogs of those statements stretched out too long.  Not that youíll find that on my Web siteÖoften.

Thatís enough out of me.  Iíve been working long days at the Paying Job, Iím tired and I want to relax.  More tomorrow.

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