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Monte Alban, 20 May 1999

20 May 2009

Not every post is long.  Or interesting.

Monte Alban, 20 May 1999

During my incessant rambling I have not once mentioned our visit to the coolest place we have visited so far, and probably the whole trip, Monte Alban.  These neatly preserved pre-hispanic ruins were an awesome sight to behold and even more impressive if you considered how they got there and how old they are.

I wold like to tell you more about Monte Alban, but I canít because all the descriptions are in Spanish.  From what I undestand, Monta Alban is the Great Barrier Reef of achaelogical sites, and I feel extremely fortunate to have been to both.

I will not attempt to elaborate here, as it would look like the waste of space it is.  Instead, I will let the photgraphs speak for themselves, and hope they do this experience the justice it deserves.

We must remember, however, that not every new thing is fun, interesting, delightful, opportunistic or inspiring.  Also, the inverse of the afore mentioned may not be true.  Some things exist with no purpose, meaning, or definition.  Remember: some things just happen, and some things just are.  It is human nature to look for meaning in everything, especially where none exists.  Donít look so hard, donít dig so deep, expecting to find meaning everywhere.  Sometimes none exists.  That is the most difficult truth to accept.

No Worries!

31 May 1999
Oaxaca, Mexico


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