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Nueva York/Just A Rant

02 Jun 2009

Here is something that makes me ill.  Nueva York.  Please stop saying that.  I am not from Nueva York or Nueva Jersey.  There are no places named Nueva Orleans or Nueva Dehli.  There is no Nueva Guinea, either.  And stop calling London “Legumes”.  It’s wrong.  Those places have what is called a proper name.  It’s like that for a reason.  You know what Tokyo is in Japanese?  Toyko.  You know what it is in English?  Tokyo!  Why do some languages have to make things difficult?

And I can’t stand it when people tell me “Nueva  new in Spanish.  Yeah, well we don’t walk around America calling Ecuador Equator, do we?  No.  You know why?  Because it’s Ecuador, that’s why!  People! 

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