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Get Out the Map July 2009 Update

17 Jul 2009

First, let me apologize for not writing more recently.  I enjoyed the Oaxaca 1999 ten year anniversary, particularly since most of the work was already finished.  Iím going to finish the Oaxaca story and give it a proper ending in the coming weeks.

There are a couple reasons why I donít write here as much as I want to.  Maybe if I explain them, youíll understand that Iím not actually slacking off.

The first reason is, quite simply, time.  I work a regular 40-hour a week job.  After work, I get back to the house and do house stuff; feed the dogs, clean the house, make dinner, etcetera.  Then itís time to get on the computer and work on the Next Project.  Iíve been spending a lot of my spare time, including weekends, after work and a few holidays working on the Next Project, just like I did when I was working on this.

The bad news is that the Next Project is taking up a lot of my time.  The good news is that it is moving along quite well.  I donít want to make any announcements or tease anything here, so Iíll stop now.  But know that is the first reason Get Out the Map hasnít been getting the attention it deserves.

The second reason is that, quite frankly, there isnít a lot for me to write about.  I work 40 hours a week, then come back to the house and work more.  Hooray!  Iím sure youíll understand that this does not make good travel photo Web material.

Itís not that I have nothing about which to write, itís that I have nothing relevant to say.  Something funny or interesting will happen, but it wonít have anything to do with travel or photography, and any effort to tie it all together would be weak and stupid.  So I let it go.

No longer.  Beginning this month, Iím introducing a new feature on Get Out the Map, the Unrelated Post.  If itís photography or travel related, great; it will get a proper title and be posted as such.  If itís not, itís going up anyway, under the title ďUnrelated Post #Ē.  Weíll start with #0001 and just keep going.  This will at least give me something about which to write and you something to read while you should be working.

Thank you for your patience.  Iíll be sure to get more material up during the month and thanks for reading.

Bill .

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