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Part 2: We Want You To Be Happy

28 Oct 2009

If you’re an energetic person like me, it tends to wear on the people around you if there’s no place to burn off said energy.  And it wore on the people around me because it had been wearing on me for a while.  I’ve decided the best move is for me to get away for a couple days, but I need to clear it with the home team first.  After all, my girlfriend needs help with the dogs and the house, my sister is trying to schedule a baptism/christening for her daughter and my parents, well, you never know what they’ll need.

I presented my idea to Cathy about the two of us taking a couple days to go someplace.  She had to decline, as work and school were too demanding of her time.  I didn’t think she could get away, but it was worth a shot.  I contacted my sister about the baptism and she said there weren’t plans to have it any time soon.

Now that I’ve decided to go somewhere – and have permission – all I needed was someplace to go and the time to do it.  Oh, and it has to be affordable.  But where?  And when?  And for how long?  I want to get off the Eastern Seaboard if possible.  And I want to feel like I’m actually doing something, not just seeing a bunch of stuff by myself and heading back, only marginally refreshed and inspired than when I left.  And it should be something Cathy wouldn’t mind missing, ideally.

Of course there’s always…no.  But we decided NOT to go when the announcement was made because it was expensive…maybe I could do it cheaper…but with the Next Project in the works, we’ll need that money…but I haven’t heard from them in so long, I’m sure I could make up that money by then…but…but…but…

I mulled over the reasons why I should and shouldn’t take the trip I want, but came to the conclusion that there was nothing else that matched my criterion so perfectly.  The baptism date was TBA and Cathy would be fine with the pets for a couple days.  I could afford this if I was careful with my money.  I did go to the Clifford Ball in 96, the Great Went in 97, Oswego in 99 and Big Cypress for New Year’s Eve and they were all great!  Why should I miss this if I have the opportunity?  I thought about something Cathy said when I suggested the idea of taking a weekend to myself. “You’re miserable,” she said, scratching behind the dog’s ears, who had fallen asleep on her lap.  “And you’ve been miserable for a while.  Go.  We want you to be happy.  We’ll be fine here.”

Was I over thinking this like everything else?  Probably.  Time to stop over thinking and return to doing the things I enjoy, even if for only one weekend.

I’m going to Indio, California for Halloween.

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