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    25 Sep 2008

    GOTM Blog intro, kinda


    If youíve never been to this Web site, welcome.  If you have been here before, you may have wondered why the blog of a travel photography site is so boring.

    The truth is simple.  Since the time I decided to take on this project and build this Web site, there hasnít been any time or money to do much traveling.  Ah, the irony.

    But I still feel I should write something, if for no other reason than to give you something to temporarily distract you while at work or school.

    Therefore, this is the GOTM Blog intro, kinda.  I say ďKinda,Ē because it seems silly to have an introduction when there are already posts on this blog, but hey, there you are.

    FAIR WARNING: There will be spelling, grammar and punctuation errors.  I will make every attempt to fix these before posting, but no promises.

    I will try to keep this blog as family-friendly as possible and warn you, keen reader, in the beginning of an article if that is not the case.  Some things are, by nature, family-friendly and others are not.  Thatís just the way it is.

    Youíll probably want some information about me, Get Out the Map and other factors that contribute to this Web site.  Here are the basics, I hope this helps:

    Get Out the Map is located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Therefore, youíll find a lot of references to Atlanta, The South, heat/humidity and fried everything.

    However, I am not originally from Atlanta.  Iím from a small town in rural New Jersey (the ďGardenĒ part of the Garden State), which was not too far from New York.  That means you will also be inundated with references to the North East, New York City, New Jersey, Bruce Springsteen, etcetera.

    New York is my favorite city.  I believe it is the greatest city on Earth.  Iím certainly biased, but go ahead and try to prove me wrong.  See?  You canít.  I win.

    Music, books and film are a large part of my life and American culture in general, so there will be plenty of references to certain movies, TV shows, recording artists and books.

    If I were you, I would re-watch Office Space, Fight Club, The Office, (US and UK) every Pixar film, Shawshank, Dead Like Me, Lost, Futurama, The Simpsons, Extras, etc.  Not only because they will be referenced in this blog, but because itís good entertainment.  At least, according to me, because I know what the hell Iím talking about, right?

    However, this blog is not a TV/Movie/Music review blog.  The above mentioned things are just to give you an idea what goes on at Get Out the Map on a daily basis.

    So then, what is this blog is about?  Everything.  Nothing.  Really, whatever is on my mind, though I want to avoid sports and politics, even though both are extremely important to learn about before you visit another country.

    Donít misunderstand me, I would love for this blog to be strictly about travel and photography, but we would run out of things to write about in a hurry.  So Iíll try to stick with those two main topics, but if thereís something else worth addressing, it may find its way here.

    The blog is intended to be a casual, conversational means of communication between all of you and all of me, in terms of tone, schedule and formality.  Just us talking about whatever comes to mind, though it will be fun to see if I can write about a particular topic and work it back to photography or travel.

    In terms of everything else, there really isnít much to say right now.  Weíre working on getting this Web site off the ground and to be honest, Iím really impressed with the way people are responding to it.

    Weíve received a lot of good feedback so far and we get more hits all the time.  Please keep visiting and sending suggestions.

    And tell your friends!

    I think Iíve wasted enough of your day.



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