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    12 Nov 2008

    Waiting Till the Shine Wears Off

    Travel photography is fun, but itís also fun to take the night off and get out of the house and do something different.  I had some fun Tuesday night, but before we get to that, I want to talk about technology.

    Technology is cool.  We love our cameras, computers, Internet connection and video game machines.  But the things we seem to love most are our mobile phones.  Once they were used ďstrictly for emergencies,Ē but have since become our cameras, computers, Internet connection and video game machines.  They are truly impressive devices, becoming more advanced all the time.

    And we canít but help buy be more impressed with each new advance in technology.  I know plenty of people Ė and Iím sure you do, too Ė who wonít shut up about their iPhone.  I hope to be one of those people in the near future, talking about all the cool applications and features.
    But while technology is great, you know whatís even better?  Real life.  I mean the thing that happens right in front of most people while they are waking down the street, texting away, missing the world around them.  Sometimes the subtleties of life are just that.  There are occasions when you need to look a little more closely to see the small things that make life interesting, like an old couple taking a stroll or children playing with a puppy in the park (awww!).

    But you know when you donít have to pay such close attention?  When youíre at a rock and roll concert.  On purpose.
    On Tuesday night I was at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia to see Coldplay.  It was amazing, to say the least.  The band had amazing energy, the light show was incredible and the music was top-notch, as one would expect.

    But there was one person who didnít see any of it.  She wasnít visually impaired or in the bathroom being sick the whole time.  No, she was right next to me, playing with her new Google phone.
    For three hours.

    I admit, I enjoy the conveniences of modern technology.  I probably check my E-mail about five or six times a day, to make sure Iím getting enough spam, but come ON!  Coldplay is performing their hearts out right in front of you and youíre so engrossed in your new phone that youíre missing most of the show.

    This even came up a few songs in from the band.  Chris Martin, the lead singer, said at one point, ďSo have a good time tonight.  Sing, dance, or play with your Blackberry if you like.Ē

    Most of the concerts Iíve seen recently have been in bars or smaller venues, so I was impressed (is that the right word?) with how many mobile devices I saw, taking photos and video of the band, who didnít seem to mind.  Iím sure most of the mobile devices have better digital cameras than the actual first digital camera I bought.

    And as I watched the show, glancing over occasionally to see if the Google Phone Girl was still ignoring the concert (she was), I was tempted to say something along the lines of, ďHey, you know thereís a rock concert right in front of you?Ē

    But I didnít.   Do you know why?  Because she was only ruining her night, not mine.  If we were in the movies, then yes, I would have said something (We will get to texting during a movie later, along with tarring and feathering the offenders).

    So the next time you go to a concert, sporting event, party or funeral, remember.  Turn off the phone and pay attention to the world around you!  You may see something real, interesting and fun, even if itís not Coldplay.
    Hopefully weíll become accustomed to all this technology soon.  Until then, all Iím doing is waiting till the shine wears off and we can actually, physically, interact with one another in person.


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