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    05 Jan 2009

    Thank you for a great 2008!

    We at Get Out the Map want to thank all our new friends and visitors for visiting the Web site, giving your feedback and general encouragement.

    I would like to say more about what 2008 has meant to Get Out the Map, but there isn’t much to say.  The biggest news is 2008 is the year we launched.  Because most of our efforts went in to getting this project together and putting it out there, it was a relatively quiet year.  No big adventures, few blog posting a and a lot to learn, but not a lot to say.

    The good news is the heavy lifting is finished.  With the site on line and active, it opens up 2009 for other opportunities.  Hopefully we’ll have a lot more time, energy and resources to get back out in the world and produce better photographs, more quality writing and make Get Out the Map a place you will want to visit time and again, even if you aren’t planning a trip or taking pictures.

    The other good news is that in 2008 Get Out the Map had over 2,000 visitors and 15,700 page views.  That may not sound like a lot, but we achieved those numbers with limited advertising – and those numbers are only from August, when the site was officially launched, until the end of the year.

    Even more impressive is the average views per visitor is 6.7.  That means not only are you visiting Get Out the Map, but you’re sticking around and exploring.

    Even though 2008 was a quiet year, it was a good year.  Not only did we launch GetOutTheMap.net, we also had our first photo show and hope to do more shows in 2009.

    A large part of Get Out the Map’s success is you.  Your feedback is greatly appreciated.  Please continue to write and let us know what you like, what you don’t and how we can continue to improve.

    So, again, thank you for a great 2008.  Keep the E-mails coming, keep telling your friends about us and know that we’ll be working hard on our end.  We have a few ideas and surprises for the coming year and we’re looking forward to a great 2009.

    Get Out the Map


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