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    01 Feb 2009

    February annoucement!

    One of the new things we want to do with Get Out the Map is post more blog...posts.  Therefore, Ive decided to take this idea too far and post every day in the month of February!

    This means every day, for the entire month of February, there will be a new blog on GetOutTheMap.net.  No reruns, archives or anything other than new material.  To be fair, I have been preparing some of this material I want the posts to be good at least most of the time but its all fresh.

    I admit, its a little cheesy to decide to pick the month with the fewest days to start an endeavor like this it seems to lack endurance but if it works, well do it again later.  If not, nothing lost, nothing gained.

    Id like to point out that this is not a vow, promise or guarantee.  This is just a test to see if I can come up with 28 original posts in a row.  Some will be better than others, but hopefully the short, obligitory posts will be few and far between.

    Well see how it goes, but for now, this is post #1!  Hopefully youll at least have something interesting to read at work every day during February 2009.

    See you tomorrow!

    PS I know this is in the News section, but the other posts will be in the Blog section.  Enjoy!


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