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    11 Apr 2009

    Back to Get Out the Map

    Greeting, loyal readers!  I want to thank both of you for checking this Web site occasionally, but I really know itís because youíre looking for something semi-amusing to keep you occupied for a few minutes while youíre at work.

    I know I said I would do the one-blog-a-day thing during February and that kind of fell apart during my brief illness (I still have no idea what it was), then I said I would write about Mardi Gras in New Orleans, which I also didnít do.

    So you probably think Iím not taking this Web site seriously and Iím just a typical slacker who doesnít stick to his word.  If you think that, I donít blame you.

    To be honest, though, Iíve been involved in another project.  I started working on The Other Project around the same time I started working in Get Out the Map, but at some point a decision had to be made about which project was going to move forward first.  We decided that putting Get Out the Map online was the smarter move as the travel season was approaching and I would be doing a lot more traveling and writing and drawing people to the site and this project would slowly but surely come to life.

    Then the economy collapsed.

    It sounds like an excuse, I know, but with fewer people traveling, not many would need the advice of a travel photography Web site, especially something as new as Get Out the Map.

    Therefore, my attention shifted to The Other Project.  It started out innocently enough, doing a little bit here and there while keeping up with my Get Out the Map duties.  But then I got into a very good rythym, knocking out big chunks of the project at a time.  Iím almost to the point where Iím finished with all the backend work and can advance to the next stage Ė making this thing a reality Ė but there are still a few more pieces that have to be put into place that are beyond my capabilities and the people who will be helping me with those things have full schedules.

    So The Other Project is on temporary hiatus for now, but all signs point to having it up and running this summer.

    What is The Other Project?  Youíll see soon enough.  I donít want to say anything just yet, but I will make an announcement here when the time is right.

    This brings us back to Get Out the Map.  Iím sorry Iíve been away so long.  Iím pretty sure after this long people have wandered and I donít blame them.  I will say Iíll post more in the coming days and weeks, as Iíve done a few things that are worth writing about (Mardi Gras, for example) and I have some unfinished articles from the February Project that are still relevant and I think you would enjoy.

    So thanks for you patience, your loyalty and the fact that youíre reading this.  Iíll try to balance Get Out the Map and The Other Project a little better in the future, but now that most of the heavy lifting has been done, that should be more feasible.


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