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    28 Aug 2008

    Facebook announcement and Q and A

    Today we opened a page on Facebook (http://www.new.facebook.com/pages/Get-Out-the-Map/25493601607).  Please stop by, become a fan and help us spread the word!  If you aren't a Facebook user, signing up is fast and free.

    In order to help our new Facebook friends, as well as new visitors to this Web site, understand what Get Out the Map is about, we wrote up this short Q&A.


    Q: What is Get Out the Map?
    A: Get Out the Map (www.GetOutTheMap.net) is a travel/photography resource.

    Q: Why canít I post my photos or leave messages like on a discussion board?
    A: We decided it wouldnít be fair to allow Facebook users to do things that regular visitors to Get Out the Map canít do, like post their own photos or use a message board.

    Q: Why doesnít GetOutTheMap.net have message boards?
    A: Having message boards on GetOutTheMap.net would require two things:

    1)      Someone from Get Out the Map would have to monitor the board to look for inappropriate content and/or
    2)      Paying someone to do so.

    Believe it or not, all those associated with Get Out the Map have regular, unrelated full-time jobs, so we donít have time to monitor the boards.  At this point, we canít afford to pay for that service, either.

    Q: Will GetOutTheMap.net ever offer message boards?
    A: The purpose of Get Out the Map is to help people travel better and Ėas we say Ė ďCome home with better pictures.Ē  As well-traveled and well-versed in travel photography as we are, there are still a lot of subjects, tips and tricks with which we are not familiar.

    Therefore, in due time, Get Out the Map will install message boards so our visitors can leave posts, advice and start discussions on techniques and ideas that will make us all better travelers and photographers.

    Q: Why canít I post my own photos to share?
    A: There are already enough Web sites out there that offer that service.

    We offer other services.  Read below:

    Q: If I canít post my own photos to share, why should I visit Get Out the Map?
    A: Get Out the Map is intended as a resource, so you should use it for a few reasons.

    1)      The articles.  At www.getoutthemap.net/resources.php we have myriad articles on different subjects related to travel and/or photography.
    2)      The pictures.  If you want to get the feel of what a place looks like before you go, have a look at our pictures.  You may want to take photos similar to ours or improve on what we have posted.
    3)      The community.  When someone asks a question, we will write back. If that question can benefit others, weíll post it, along with our answer, on GetOutTheMap.net.

    NOTE: When we post a readerís question, the only information we post is their first name, location and question.  We will not post your full name, E-mail address or phone number.

    4)      The blog.  Itís just fun to read sometimes.
    5)      Stock photos.  If you need exclusive photos for print, publication or any stock purpose, visit the Stock photos/Search page www.getoutthemap.net/stock_photos.php).   Have a look and see if what we have suits your needs.
    6)      Gear.  We add more as we need to on our store Store page(http://www.getoutthemap.net/gotm_store.php).  Most gear is available via our partnership with Amazon.com.  Go see what we have.  You never know what you might need.

    I hope that answers your questions.  If you have any other questions, please send them along.

    Thank you,
    Get Out the Map


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