Stock Photography

All images in the gallery are available to purchase for stock photography purposes. These photographs have been taken during different periods of time with different photographic formats, from print and slide film to 6 and 8 MP digital cameras.


The images you see on this Web site are not at their full size or resolution.


Because of the varying degrees of quality, not every image is suitable for every project, specifically extra large projects, such as billboards, large banners or signs. However, we will be happy to re-scan print and slide images at a larger quality to accommodate large format projects if possible and necessary.


The images you find on Get Out the Map are exclusive and not available on other stock photography Web sites.


We aren't pretending to be a giant stock photo site, but all of our content is exclusive.  That's why we offer our images for stock purposes.  The images we provide are Royalty-Free


However, if you want exclusive use of an image or have another need for the image to be Rights-Managed, please let us know when you submit your request.


For the stock price list, please visit the Contact page and submit a request, as well as the project and your contact information.